Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fisful of Zombies

The players only knew the dreaded Dry Gulch Gang were terrorizing the citizens of Lesterville. Even the sheriff was scared to venture from his office, but offered a considerable reward for bringing the infamous outlaws to Justice.
With that in mind, the 6 players deployed their own gangs in search of the Dry Gulch crew. All seemed normal until the outlaws in questions showed up. They were decidedly disheveled even for them, and walked with an awkward gate. Things got really weird when the first Dry Gulcher attacked a citizen, biting them!
We used the regular FfoL rules with a twist. When a black suit face card was played, players could move a zombie 8 inches however they wanted. One a red face, a group. A group consisted of any zombies an inch or closer together. The zombies only used an 8 sided dice, but the same zombie or group could be moved by multiple times, so swarms were a danger. Then, at the end of the turn, after all the players had moved, all the zombies were moved towards the closest non-zombie.
At first, the players used the zombies to attack each other or create more zombies. This tactic, however soon had most the citizens running around as drooling, blood crazed monsters. Soon, the players were just trying to survive.
Only a "kill" result would bring them down. Wounds and pins were ignored.
But, eventually the Dry Gulch gang was picked off, one by one. El Guappo and Johnny One-Leg were able to claim the reward.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Gaming

Clanky goodness
Sixteen days off. No blogging time, but plenty of time to getting painting done (more on that next time) and even more time to game. Regular Thursday gaming has switched to Wednesday do to practice schedules.
Opening positions
The first night we worked some more on converting Commands and Colors to Fantasy. This was a play test to try out some of the tweaks. Again, worked great.

The elves and orcs were at it again. The elves had help from their centaur and Minotaur friends. The centaurs, at the opening, through great card selection were in the process of crushing the orc right. It looked like a quick game until the pointy ears luck ran out. All movement on that flank stopped, and the orcish counter attack was nasty. Combine with little movement on the Elvish right and a pounding from the orc heavies and it was over. Another green-skin victory. Like most of my C&C games it was a nail biter. Now, to paint some more troops!
The next Wednesday game happened between Christmas and New Years and I knew it would attract quite a crowd. Nothing pleases everyone like GASLIGHT.
That notorious nasty Professor Nightshade was at it again with his German and Russian flunkies. Only the brave forces of Britain, France and the United States stood in their way. The adventurous Sir Archibald Standpipe had captured the secret invasion plans from the League of Calamitous Intents's HQ, and was hiding in the village in the center of the board, awaiting rescue.
The very first turn began with the French Spyder blasting a big chunk on armor plating off the PN's Walking Monitor. Soon after, Russian forces invaded the town. Archduke Ladislaus found Standpipe and struggle ensued. It ended with bullet in the Arch Duke's heart.
Meanwhile, Rokkitruppen captured a fortified farmhouse to use as a forward fire base. Their short range repeaters proved useless to the firefight in the middle so they moved up.
The British, on the Allied right, couldn't get their Brute Class Land Ironclad started, but that didn't keep it from raining lead on the Professor's center. The U.S. forces on the left, spent most of their time cowering in the woods awaiting the Germans to their front. 
Under covering fire from the Tricycle Artillery, French forces routed the remaining Russians out of the town. French Marines killed off the exposed Rokkitruppen, but were slaughtered themselves by Nightshades clankers.
All in all, another great game. It was a slugfest the whole way through, and a marginal victory for the Allies with Standpipe escaping with the plans.
For another perspective, check out Lead Addict's view of the game.
Another note, look what Warren's making me!