Friday, January 25, 2013

Golden Age Supers

A small hamlet in the English countryside is about to become a battlefield. This sleepy little village is actually an Allied secret base, home to numerous top secret technologies and currently the prison for the nefarious Axis scientist Faust.
Guarding these secrets are members of the Freedom Force.
They are soon to be attacked by Team Axis.
Team Axis was giving the choice of spreading out, but we chose to keep it tight and all enter the board in one place. Our henchmen quickly fell under a hail of bullets. Blitzkrieg dashed forward, pummeled Britannia, then zipped away. Kriegshunde then charged up and hammered her. It looked bad for the Allies.

Between Uberman's brute strength and Agent Axis's deadly fire, the soldiers guarding the town went down along with the Druid.
Golden Crusader was surrounded and beaten, while Jack-O-Lantern seemed the only Freedom Fighter capable of dealing any damage.
In the end, the scientist was rescued but KO'd. The radio tower was smashed, and the Freedom Forced forced to flee.
It was a great game. Kriegshunde definitely gets the MVP. That guy took a beating but still kept whalloping the good guys. It was nice to have a small group, including the Boy who tore himself away from Black Ops 2 for once. SS2 always gives a fun night. I'll be starting a new campaign with new heroes and villains, so stay tuned True Believers..... 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

6mm Fast Play Grande Armee

We hadn't dug out this old favorite for awhile. Some of the group actually had never played Fast Play Grande Armee, so this was their chanve. Of, course, those particular few didn't show.
I've been battlin' the Two Week Crud so sat this one out, instead helping remember rules we alwasy forget.
The scenario was an Austrian defense in depth. The French were going to have to capture or at least push the Austrians out, of the towns and secure the bridges beyond. The French had a 1.5-to-1 advantage.
The Austrians decided to push as far as they were allowed to deploy forward, taking the hills. As you might have guessed, it was a hard slog to push them off. It wasn't helped by the French left, made of the entire cavalry force. They wouldn't budge. When they finally got moving, they swept everything aside and made a huge wheel around the Austrian right, but not before time ran out.
The Austrians managed to do the same on their left. A defensive strategy quickly went offensive as they began to push back their French opponents.
As usual, a great game with plausible outcomes and a feel for the period. I like that there is built into the rules, a great follow up, post game pursuit mechanism. It pays not to commit all your cav. You can turn a minor victory into a crushing one as your victorious horse ride down the defeated foe. Great for campaign. Wish Sam would publish these by themselves instead as a an add on for Grande Armee.
The great 6mm Baccuss minis painted by Mr. Scott.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A little skirmish

Over the break we played a little VSF skirmish. In our big GASLIGHT story arc, the Germans have been getting new weapons and technology from the alien Visitor. One of their not-so-secret bases is located at Castle Von Lowenbrau. An diversionary attack on the nearby coast by British forces has left but a skeleton crew to watch over the base. Now, British forces led by the legendary Sir Nigel Tuftnell 3rd earl of Spindletapp, are sneaking in. 
The German garrison stand ready

This Lady Hussar guards the lab at all costs
The British are assisted by an escaped scientist who has told them of a secret way under the walls. The British decide to send their Naval Landing Party right at the gates, while the rest find the secret way in. They must find the technology and destroy any new weaponry they can't carry with them.
From the start, the deadly fire from the German garrison is telling. Not a man makes it through the gate house.
Sir Nigel scouts the walls.
Sir Nigel's forces fair little better and only just make it into the castle before being slaughtered.
In hindsight, the Brits should have had more troops, but only a handful of folks made it out. Instead of GASLIGHT, we used my Fistful of Lead rules, which worked great for the small action.
Lady Hussars prove deadly accurate

Captain Pennyworth gets farther than any of his men

Corporal Hastings pays back the Ladies
The Allies were not successful at all. They even got the scientist recaptured. But fear not, a Norwegian observatory has spotted a strange light in the sky, headed directly for Earth!