Friday, March 15, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy

We finally had a chance to get Lead Addict's lovely 15mm Demonworld troops on the table. Newly based and flocked, ready for battle. Using Hail Caesar, with the lists from the Hail Sauron Yahoo Group (which are too Warhammer-centric for me, but can fix), fight between Orcs and Elves began.
There were 3 players a side. The Elves went for bigger divisions with fewer commanders. This would make it tough to "Break" a division, but the tactical abilities would be limited.
We orcs went with smaller divisions but 5 commands. This would help later in the battle.
Trolls make sure the troops in front stay in the fight

Giants, too.
The Elves won initiative, but being the fey gentlemen they are, elected to let us brutes go first. There was spirited advance all along the front (good die rolling, no failures).
Then the elves moved. They got all but their flying elements moving.
The forces prepare to clash

The elven right flank

The gods decide the elves fate
By turn 3 we were getting close. A boulder from my rock lobbing troll, sent an elf spear unit scurrying away. Meanwhile on the orc left flank, wolf riders and flying horses and centaurs were mixing it up. A certain hill exchanged hands many times.
When it was time to come to grips, a group cowardly elves decided to use the woods as shelter, and  pick at the brave orcs from afar. A bloodthirsty charge drove them deeper into the woods and ran a few off. But this left that division close to breaking.
In the center, a group of minotaurs was run off without a fight, a the flanks were turning into a meat grinder. Having started late (stupid kids and their sports), we didn't get much farther. It looked like the elves might get the upper hand, but you know how things go in war, they could have just as easily lost. Time for re-match.
Moments before the treants destroy my spearmen
As far as I'm concerned, we've found our much longed for fantasy mass battle rules. HC is scalable, so we' just halved all the distances. Worked great. Next time, we throw in magic and get reference cards for the troops. I'd also like some proper hi markers. The figs are so nice, I don't like mucking up the table with dice.
A good evening, and K-State and Mizzou both won!