Friday, May 31, 2013


Basement Con night #1 started off with a 9 player GASLIGHT mega-battle. We had guests from come in from out of town for this one. 

The Anglo-French forces were surrounded and attempting a breakout from a small Belgium town on the frontier. Among them were the Secret Six, a band of British heroes carrying top secret plans. They needed to get off the table without being captured.
The German plan was simple: contain and destroy. They were aided in this by the Nefarious Professor Nightshade and his mechanical minions.
The Anglo-French devised an good plan. As the Germans were attempting to cover all exits, the allies would stack their units on one side and try to overrun the enemy with numbers. But you know what they say about plans and contact with the enemy?

Apparently the crews of the French contraptions had had a bit to drink the night before. Their boilers were cold. They spent the first 3 turns of game trying to get started.
Meanwhile, the Germans moved in. The Luftmarine captured the strategic farmhouse in the middle, while their vehicles lumbered forward.
The British infantry bravely charged across the open ground alone, while the French Marines cowered in the woods. They assaulted the Luftmarines and routed them despite taking heavy casualties from both farmhouse and the sputtering Jaguar velocipede.
The Commander of the French Zuoaves and the Luftmarine's colonel talk
politics in the woods.

The British, in turn were driven out by the Rokkittruppen. 
Let me stop here for a minute. We've been playing this game for many years. Over that time, many troops and vehicles have developed legends and lore to them. The Rokkittruppen, for the most part, have a terrible rep. Yes, their rocket packs let them hurtle across the table, but almost always to their doom. Their clockwork automatic carbines can wreak terrible damage, but only at close range. This time, however, they charged in and drove out the Brits.
Another unit with a past, is the Wespe. An ungainly steam powered helicopter with a penchant for falling out of the sky. This time, he dropped bombs and strafed with abandon.
Finally, the Lady Hussars. These girls have been holy terrors. Maybe its the bright red dresses, but the last 4-5 games their gunfire has been deadly, routing troop after troop. Never fired a shot this game
The Jaguar. More dangerous to crew on a good day.
Ultimately the allies never got moving. The Six puttered around, when they should have made a bee-line for the table edge. Only one the Brute Class Land Ironclad escaped. Three separate German units attacked it, without slowing it down.

Thanks to everyone who showed. Tonight, night #2 of Basement-Con, will be Hail Caesar Fantasy.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Golden Age Supers - A Divine Wind

I love Supersystem, particularly version 2, and particularly Golden Age. We've played for years and battles go one of two ways (much as battles do), nail-biters and complete blowouts. THis game was the latter of the two, but didn't make it any less fun.
The scenario involved a secret Japanese base on an undisclosed island. The Allied Freedom Force would have to battle past the Japanese Supers to get the secret plans.
The Japanese got set up first and chose an All around defense. Most of the powers for these particular guys were defensive in nature (more about that later). The Allies came in all in one place in hopes to overwhelm.
Rikishi, the Sumo slugger

Tsunami, a human wave

Tengu surveys the skies
It was a slaughter from the get go. With much goading from his peers and questions about his martial spirit, Tengu, the crow warrior flew out to hit Jack-O-Lantern head on. His mystic spear proved ineffective and left him the target of everything on the ground. Soon, there was a mass of burnt feathers littering the ground.

When Hachiman, human embodiment of the Japanese War god, strode forward to fight, first Scarlet Speedster, then the Sentinel leaped forward to hand him a beating.
Before the battle, there was much fear from the Allied side about the Kamikzae bots. They were tough to take down and when detonated, could take out a hero single handed.
They did not. Bot after bot exploded to little effect. One by the one the Japnese dropped. Tsunami, Rikishi, Oni, one by one. A brutal Allied victory, with no losses. A divine Wind, just blowin' the wrong way.Like I said still fun.

Major Victory blasts Oni with his Star Spangled Vision

One thing to change. I based the Japanese sdtats on the figs O painted. They had little in ranged attacks. The suma super alone was designed to take a beating and keep going. But no shooters. So, next time they meet, the Allies will have to face Raiden, master of lightning, a mind flaying geisha, and Rising Sun, solar powered super.

Friday, May 3, 2013


It snowed last night. In May. I mention this because said snow kept most of the Basement Generals home. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've really been wanting to give Maurice another go, especially run the campaign system with our group. Rather than wait the year it will take those involved to paint armies I went with paper troops to give everyone a feel for the rules and field some troops.
So, rather than getting the whole group together to run through the rules we only had 5. Turns out, that was just right.
The serried paper ranks
We did the whole she-bang. Drew cards for terrain, scouted for advantage and who the aggressor was, and drew Notables. The only thing we didn't use this time was National Advantages.
Based on scouting rolls, Purple was the Aggressor. Their Notable was particularly good at Rallying troops.
Blue was Defender and got a hothead Notable who likes to charge.
The terrain was Plains. Seven pieces were rolled for and placed. The result was pretty open, but still caused problems for the Aggressors. They had a town to take.
The game moved along really fast. Cards were earned and burned. A cavalry force charged and was repulsed. (Have to wear those infantry down first).
The infantry in the middle annihilated each other. Here's where the "do I volley?" question was learned. A deck was gone through.
All of the sudden Purple was down to 3 morale points left, and Blue 5. It was late, the weather was getting worse, and we called it.
Love these rules. Can't wait to get some "real" troops on the table. Also has me VERY excited for Longstreet. Until now I have held firm against painting 28mm ACW. But, for how long?