Friday, June 29, 2012

Post Apoca-Thursday

When Lead-Addict called me to ask what we were playing tonight, I think he heard the weariness in my voice. He kindly offered to bring the toys and put on the game.
The Scenario was thus: 
"Archeologists(looters) from the Corpse of Engineers are missing on an expedition to what appeared to be a simple mansion of the ancients. Now rumors of a secret cache of the ancients run rampant through the camps and hovels of DigTown. The wastelanders say they know better than to try to unlock the secrets of the Ruin on the Hill. But they could be hiding secrets of their own.
Strap on your respirator and your Vomit Gun, its time to explore."
We used the Wasteland Warriors mods for Fistful of Lead. Everything on the table was searchable. When searched, the player got a face down card that was revealed on their next turn. Some people got loot, some weapons, most got junk and traps and Monsters from the wastes.
The Boy unleashed a mutant, Ugg-Lugg and the forestry mech by accident (and to his secret glee).
One player had his mini impregnated by giant Blow Flies. There were quakes and poison gas and freak weather patterns, all while the players blazed away at each other.
The group got to play on some great Terrain by Lead-Addict with some seriously old Citadel lead.
I got to sit back with a gin and tonic and a nice cigar and watch the mayhem.

Sure hope there's something in this dumpster besides my doom.

Dirty Muties

Digging in the dirt

A fight breaks out

Ugg-Lugg attacks the mutants

Aforementioned Forestry Mech

Ruins of the past.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GASLIGHT vacation game

I took last week off. Didn't go anywhere, but as they say, "a bad day at home is better than a good day at work." Got some painting done and still squeezed in a GASLIGHT game with the rest of the Basement Generals.
Emboldened by their last victory and recovery of "the Visitor", the Germans (boo, hiss) pressed their attack. This time it was a small town. Could the outnumbered garrison hold out til reinforcements arrived?
As it turns out they could. A French Aeronef dropped marines and regulars just as the German Rokkittruppen assaulted the town.
The very thin red line

German troops advance

The French arrive

Artillery duels with Klankers
Another fun game. One of reasons I like these rules is the ease of throwing a game together. I'm never sure who's going to show week to week. So the ability to grow or shrink a game is a must. Plus, the rules themselves are a blast. Now, back to painting Swiss...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Delves Dark and Deep

Last night we had the opportunity to play test Scott Pyle's newest edition to the Goalsystem family of rules: Goalsystem Delves. People who have read this blog know I am a big fan of the Goalsystem mechanics. Smooth, simple,  with just a enough luck to make things fun.
We had a new guy over who was completely new to the whole waragming experience. He picked up the game in minutes was yelling at the Ogre to "Die! Die you bastard!"
Over all, another positive experience. I will keep my comments and criticisms to an email to Scott later. 
"Ladies, ladies. There's enough of me to go around."
The adventure was split up into seperate "encounters" spread around the board. I kept it sandbox style and let the players choose which places they wanted to go, but said the ultimate goal was to reach the entrance to the Caverns of Doom, located at the opposite end of the table. We had 6 players controlling single miniature of a mix of your usual suspects in a fantasy party (except the thief, who nobody wanted to play). Assisted by Lead Addict, I ran the monsters.
"Friend, have you heard the word of the Lord?"
The party first went to the Haunted Woods. There they fought a mad Druid, who had twisted himself into an evil ent. He was joined by a group of angry dryads. The mage failed a sleep spell and the fighters charged in. The battle was short, and the party escaped with a few scratches and some treasure.
Rygar just can't seem to fight one monster at a time.
Next, avoided the abandoned village crossed the bridge. There they fought the evil Mer-man. 
The cleric went first, but did little. It took the Barbarian to bring the fish man down.
Then they came to Blood Pass. They were ambushed by Orcs and an Ogre. This time, a few of them actually took some hits. The Barbarian had to be healed and save vs death to survive. Meanwhile Sir Wulfric valiantly battled the Ogre. The Ogre snuck in a heavy wallop which almost brought the knight down, but in the end, the ogre was surrounded and overwhelmed.
Here, we had to stop because of the hour. I got lots of notes for the author, and had a night of beer, friends and monster bashing. Doesn't get much better.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Campaign for the Kingdom

Flush with his last victory, Oswald, Baron of Ock and Lord of the North Marches marched on the capital, assured by his hangers-on that he would be crowned KIng. But, barring his way was Roderick, Duke of Greendale. It seems Roderick, after watching his sovereign fall in battle, had taken up the standard in defense of the kingdom. He would fight for the people, and in turn they would crown him. So, Roderick was quite dismayed when he saw the former king's own son, Rutiger, marching with Oswald.
They met outside the walls of the Stone Keep.
Oswald's Battle line

We me again to decide the fate of the kingdom. As usual, each player started with a core of 3 units: dismounted knights, billmen and archers. From there we took turns picking 3 more (kickball team style) until each player had 6 units. Victory was set at 18 Morale points. Loss of a unit counted as 2 Morale points, and each terrain feature one.
Now the best part, rolling for Leader abilities. The contenders must of been tired from the march, because they both came up with a "Plodding". This would limit their Action Deck and their flexibility. All except for Lionel, Baron of Stonekeep. Defending his own lands, he operated at "Brilliant". This would allow him some freedom to operate outside Roderick's command radius.

Lionel's troops surge forward.
The battle started with Roderick's forces charging out the gate. All except Lionel, who stood firm. (Mostly because of a failed Maneuver roll, which caused his troops to go on "React" orders instead).This caused the ranks to become spread out, as the faster, lighter troops surged ahead.
On Oswald's side, much the same.
As the troops moved towards each other, most were able to readjust their lines. All except Edwin, Baron of Fennwyck, who's troops seemed to alternate between charging and holding. Charging and holding.
On the Claimant's left, Rutiger's troops were the first to clash. He and Lionel's troops went at it with gusto. Separated by the river, it was a battle in itself. Both battled around the bridge and adjacent woods. Soon, both had lost half their troops.
In the middle, however, was where the battle was decided. Finally coming to grips, Oswald and Roderick's troops hammered each other. This lasted several turns, but was soon over. All but Roderick's pikes fled or were destroyed. A stunning second victory for Oswald (18 to 12). On to the capital!
After the battle Roderick was captured and beheaded. Meanwhile, their was desent in the victor's ranks. Edwin, who had done his part to capture the village, feeling snubbed joined the ranks of the Contenders. Soon he would lead them
As usual, a very enjoyable evening of medieval mayhem. I need to sit down and write my version of "10 Games That Define Me", and Flower of Chivalry will be at the top.