Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Updates for Lead Addict

I have put up some updates for the lead addict blog.
First my Winter Project List - a very much more realistic stab at this one for 09/10 than last years.
Winter 09/10 Project List
0. Redo The Closet of Doom
1. 28mm D&D Heroes (2-3 dozen)
2. 28mm Dungeon Denizens (about 100 mixed)
3. Board mount SkeletonKey Games tiles
4. 15mm Sci Fi
5. Rebase 15mm Fantasy for Battle Lore
6. Make Ground Cloth and terrain for 15mm Fantasy
7. Build Litko ITS towers
8. Build Base for ITS Towers
9. Paint 4-5 Warbands for Mutants and DeathRay Guns
10. Paint 28mm Hudson and Allen Buildings
11. Finish Post Apoc rubble Buildings
12. Start Wralord or Arthur Armies inspired by Bernard Cornwell
A quick project for my new industrial tower system I got from santa. Hello Mutants and Death Ray Guns.
A quick shot of my D&D figs, more to come.

And a sneak peak at the addict's post apocalypse rubbled buildings.

Click the link for the goodness.
Happy painting, building and gaming --Ken

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