Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Space Battle

The Carrier "Lasalle"
Last night the Neo-Soviets invaded Euro-Fed space, in a Full Thrust space battle. Both forces contained mostly ships-of-the-line with a capital ship split up between three groups.

The Neo-Soviets charged in fast, catching the Euro-Fed fleet unable to maneuver amid an astroid field. But, the Battleship October Revolution, came in a little too hot. His engines were damaged and she was unable to turn very quickly or slow down properly. As a result, she flew right out of the battlefield. 
A huge fighter skirmish erupted. Several of the smaller ships were swarmed and destroyed.

The battle swayed back and force for several turns, but in one turn the Neo-Soviets lost 4-5 ships and it was over. I'm sure they'll lick their wounds and be back...

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