Wednesday, September 28, 2011

of Bugbears and Battles

Finally. I painted up some the stunning 15mm figs from Splintered Light I bought at the Spring RECRUITS earlier this year. This is a Bugbear Chieftain and his bodyguard. Since they were mostly brown (according to the ancient Monster Manual I own), I decided to make their gear mostly black. I wanted more of a tarnished look, so for these guys, I did more of a bronze armor. The rest, of which I bought a ton, will have more traditional steel/iron armor.
I'll have more painting to post tomorrow. Hopefully.
Last Thursday we ran Flower of Chivalry game. A blast as usual. I premiered the Battlelust wheel for keeping track of orders and each commands status. Went over well.
The battle itself had the usual push and pull, then one giant collapse we all have come to love.
Some highlights:
The king's battleline (I gotta figure out this camera)
The Pretender advances
There's cover in these woods men!
Steady! Hold that camera steady....
The king wades into the fray.
This Thursday is a Fast Play Grand Armee game.

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