Monday, April 8, 2013


Had a chance to run two games of Pulp Alley at our RECRUITs convention this past weekend. I only took a few pictures of the Friday session, but David Phipps (creator of Pulp Alley showed up) along with his daughter so hopefully they snapped a few too.
Each player got a mission objective packet.
By all accounts, it seemed everyone had fun. The mechanics were easy to pick up, and I think we broke some kind of a record by playing with 8 players. I slowed a bit, but didn't break.
The table is set

The Royal Society dukes it out with Danger, Inc. over some fuel

One of the Iron Legion captures the rocket pack
I allowed players to choose their set up, and both games ended up with almost identical start points.
The Red Raptor won both games, mostly because those players went right for the Plot Points and didn't get bogged down in fire fights. And because he's a complete bad ass.
Can't wait to try with the Basement Generals.

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